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Hoof picking should be part of your daily schedule.


Founded: 2010

Owners: Mara Glunz & Joanne Stoynoff

Patent:  8,591,056

Say hello to the new hoof pick!

Light, stainless steel pick, easy grip handle, strong brush – details like these can transform a hoof pick.


"No hoof, no horse.”This is an old saying among horse people.  Proper hoof care is essential for proper health and is among the most important things you can do for your horse.  Mara Glunz and Joanne Stoynoff have come up with a way to make that job easier and certainly more thorough.

Doing so can help prevent horse hoof problems caused by impacted stones and other debris. 

Cleaning your horse's hooves with the Illuminated Hoof Pick provides a better view to not only cleaning out the debris, but to spot problems such as a puncture wound or hoof cracks before they become a bigger problem.

Based on traditional hoof picks, the patent pending Illuminated Hoof Pick has added an LED light, powered by two replaceable AAA’s batteries, at the end of an easy grip handle.  It is built tough with a stainless steel pick and is water resistant.

The Illuminated Hoof Pick is a revolutionary improvement on the most basic tool in the tack room.